It’s been almost three years since anyone last saw Karina Wolfe, and the Aboriginal Friendship Centres of Saskatchewan held a fundraiser today in the hopes of finding the missing Saskatoon woman.

The event was held at the Saskatoon Friendship Centre on Wall Street, with money raised going towards things like an informational billboard that was recently put up at Idylwyld Drive and 20th Street.

Wolfe’s brother Desmond says today’s event is not only for his sister, but also to bring greater awareness to all Aboriginal women who are currently missing.

“This event is just to let people know there are missing people and that there are supports out there, we have family, and we want to make sure we show the public there are things that can be done,” he says. “We also want to get the message out that there are missing people, missing families, and it is not an easy thing.”

Today’s event was also the official launch of Project Hope, a network of support groups for missing and murdered women created in partnership with AFCS and Justice Canada.