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Alabama with special guest Charlie Major will be making a stop in Saskatoon at SaskTel Centre on August 2, 2018! Tickets will go on sale starting Friday, February 2nd @ 10AM!

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Ticketmaster available at

Charge By Phone 306-938-7800 or 1-800-970-7328

Tickets (incl. GST) $49.50, $62.50, $75.00, $89.50 & $125.50 (plus service charges) **RESERVED SEATING / ALL AGES**

It’s the kind of story you read about in books and watch on the big screen at the movies. For the band ALABAMA, it’s not just a story; it’s their life. It is a classic American tale of rags to riches. From humble beginnings picking cotton in the fields to international stars that went on to sell 73 million albums while changing the face and sound of country music.

It’s been over 40 years since Randy, Jeff and Teddy, left the cotton farms of Fort Payne, Alabama, to spend the summer playing in a Myrtle Beach, South Carolina bar called The Bowery. Having grown up working in the fields, the cousins were no strangers to hard work. They didn’t flinch when it took six long years of working for tips and living hand to mouth playing in the bar.

Of the early days and their humble beginnings, Jeff says, “I don’t think we thought too far ahead. We were more concerned with paying our bills at the end of the week and playing music.”

Finally, word of mouth earned the major label deal they’d been dreaming of. In 1980 the band broke through with their first Top 20 hit “My Home’s In Alabama.”

ALABAMA is the band that changed everything. They brought country music to the mainstream and from side stage to the main stage. ALABAMA introduced rock style guitars, lights, pyrotechnics and sounds to the country audience.

The SCMA Awards Show is happening on April 27th – 29th in Prince Albert, SK and featuring the best country artists in the province. Listen daily for your chance to qualify to win tickets. For more details on tickets, click here!

The legendary Ernest Monias is performing at the Toon Town Tavern in Saskatoon on April 27th and 28th with the Black Eyed Creez! Listen daily for your chance to win tickets! For more details click here.

Real People Play-Off

Tuesday April 24th, Make Your Choice...
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  • Roland Corrigal - Hot Summer Cool 43%, 121 vote
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