Listen to MBC Radio and make money!!! That sounds too good to be true? Seriously, you can by joining the MBC Mad Money Club! You can join by using the form below or text in the keyword “pay” to 306-425-4101 and follow the instructions.

Listen for your name at 8:45 am, 2:50 pm, and 6:50 pm starting Monday, September 9, 2019, after you’ve joined. When you hear your name, you have 10 minutes to call back at 1-877-425-4101 to get on the Mad Money Club. You will start off with $30 in your bank account once you are in the club.

The next time we announce a new name, if they call back, you are kicked out of the club. If they don’t call back, we add in an extra $10 to your bank account. That means you just hope no one will call back.

Don’t worry, if you get kicked out, you leave with what you have in your bank account.

The Mad Money Club officially starts on September 9, 2019!

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City Centre Inn & Suites Saskatoon –

Please note: You must present a valid piece of ID that matches the information we have in order to claim the prize.


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Listen to the Saskatchewan Top 5 Indigenous Music Countdown every Monday night at 6pm for your chance to win a $20 Gift Certificate to The NorthWest Company in Prince Albert.

Listen every Thursday night for your chance to win a pair of tickets to the Capitol Theatre North Battleford/Aurora Cinemas Meadow Lake. Powered by Capitol Theatre North Battleford/Aurora Cinemas Meadow Lake.