MBC Radio Bingo is a great way to have some fun, and maybe win some cash, all from the safety and comfort of your home! We host regular games every week, and some special event Bingos with bigger cash prizes.

Our Far North Radio Bingo airs every Wednesday night at 5:30pm for communities on our Far North Network, like Stony Rapids, Black Lake, Wollaston Lake, Uranium City, Fond du Lac and outlying areas. This night is just for the Far North! Please note that Far North bingo can not be heard online from our website, or any streaming apps

Our Full Network bingo is heard every Sunday night at 7pm, and is broadcast wherever MBC Radio is heard in Saskatchewan, as well as online on our website, and on your smart phone through the RadioPlayer Canada app.

Please consult the Rules page for directions on how to claim your prize, and other rules regarding play.



Can I claim my prize where I bought my cards?

Yes, MOST of our retailers can pay out prize money. Please ask your bingo seller when purchasing your cards if they can pay you. (Exceptions: retailers in Prince Albert, Duck Lake and La Ronge outlets do not pay out prizes).
In La Ronge, Prizes can be picked up at MBC Radio Station, 712 Finlayson Street


Can I receive my prize by E-Transfer?

Yes you can, if you have Online Banking set up.


How Do I Receive my winnings by E-transfer

  • You must take a picture of your bingo card. The picture must be clear, and show the whole card (9-up, 6-up, 3-up or single cards). Do not take a photo of just the winning card. We need to be able to see the whole card for verification purposes before the email transfer can be sent.
  • Make sure to sign the front of the card.
  • Send the picture via email to: samantha@mbcradio.com. Be sure to include the name, email and/or phone number you wish the prize to go to.
  • E-mail transfers will not be processed until the following business day, provided the information stated above is included.
  • After you have submitted your card, you MUST mail the original card to MBC. See below for mailing instructions.


I Don’t have Email. How Can I Claim my winnings?

  • By Mail: Send the original winning card by mail to MBC Bingo, Box 1529, La Ronge, SK.  MBC is not responsible for lost mail.
  • In Person: Card retailers (except for those mentioned above, and those that choose to not pay out in person).


No matter how you are claiming your winnings, you must turn in the complete original card to MBC Radio Bingo. All bingo cards must have full name, address, and phone number on the back of the card. Do not cut, deface or otherwise alter the appearance of the card.

If claiming at your bingo retailer, they will take the original at that time. If you are receiving E-transfer, please mail original cards to:

MBC Bingo
Box 1529
La Ronge, Sk.
S0J 1L0

For additional inquiries, please call MBC Radio, 1-800-668-4003, or 306-425-4003.
Lottery License # MB20-0020


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