Northerners petition for dialysis center

Some residents of La Loche and Ile-a-la-Crosse are petitioning the government to provide funding for a satellite office in northwestern Saskatchewan to provide hemodialysis treatment. This is the second petition presented by the NDP as the first in December called for...

U of S wants to see more Indigenous students enrolled in engineering programs

The University of Saskatchewan has launched a new program aimed at getting more Indigenous students to successfully complete engineering degrees. The engineering access program includes a number of components to help Indigenous students in their studies. This includes...

La Ronge Snipers win provincial broomball championship

La Ronge was the site of the 19th annual Aboriginal Provincial Broomball Championships this past weekend at the JRMCC. When all of the dust settled, the La Ronge Snipers took home the gold medal following a 4-1 win over the Hall Lake Hitmen. “It was a great event, it...

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2 hours ago

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"Don't worry computer, I'll install those updates later!"

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Dont worry computer, Ill install those updates later!

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Don't worry house,I'll fix you up later. 2 years later still not fixed up 😂🙈

"I've read and accept the terms & agreements" 🤣

My bingo dabbers lmao I keep telling them next time we will win an doesn't happen. Lol jk jk

My clothes, I keep them telling I'll fold them🤣🤣

I searched up something on Google and said it's lieing lol


My cats

Don’t worry Betsy you’ll get a full tank ......$20 gas when it take 80 hahahahaha

Lol! My suv, I was saying fords suck but it’s a Ford Explorer and I was rubbing it and saying not you though. My kids were yelling, she’s lying. 😂

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3 hours ago

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Good Morning! The Birthday Show is coming up at 7:45 so get those greetings in the comments!

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Good Morning! The Birthday Show is coming up at 7:45 so get those greetings in the comments!

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I like to wish My good friend Bruce oxybin a happy 66th BD today and many more

Happy birthday to my FB friends celebrating there birthdays today 🎈

Wishing our daughter Kylie Mercredi a wonderful and blessed 15th birthday in Fond du Lac. Greetings coming from her family.

14 hours ago

MBC Radio

Bernard: I am 23, but I look 12. ... See MoreSee Less

Bernard: I am 23, but I look 12.


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I am Cree but I look Asian 🙄

I am native but I look white lol

I am hungry but I look thirsty

I AM A WOMAN BUT LOOK LIKE A MAN WHOA! Lol omgosh I make myself laugh lol

I am sad but I look happy

I am 22 but I look... Idk how I look to other people lol

I am 23 but I look under 18. So they say lol jk

I am sober but I look drunk....haha jk

Lol I better not

I am thick but I look fluffy...

I am 62 but look 50👍

I'm 32 but look 26 😀

I am hungry but i look full

I am chunky but I look funky 🥴

I’m 31 but look underage 😂 still getting ID’d <—-if that’s even a word 🤪

I’m 30 but I look 24. 😳

I am dene but I look spanish

55, but I look 62

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