Birch Narrows Dene Development Incorporated, the economic development arm of the Birch Narrows Dene Nation has joined a partnership aimed at increasing technological opportunities in northern Saskatchewan and northern Ontario.

At a launch event in Saskatoon Monday morning, BNDDI, along with MMLK Group and Superior Strategies announced the newly formed All3Innovation Limited Partnership.

The goal of this new partnership will be to bring technological opportunities to industry partners along with training advancements for mining industry projects.

Anthony Clark, the CEO of BNDDI, couldn’t give specifics on what ventures this new partnership will explore as it is in the beginning stages, however, he does feel the opportunities are great.

“Our vision is to be able to provide these technologies and products to our clients and in terms of what it could reach it is a bit unknown at this stage,” said Clark. “We would like to start by focusing on the territories of Saskatchewan and northern Ontario…but there is no reason these technologies couldn’t serve other provinces and First Nation communities as well.”

Clark does say conversations have begun with industry partners to find where the “cutting edge” technology that MMLK Group brings can be utilized.

“The opportunities are really endless,” he says. “We now need to figure out where the best opportunities lie for the company.”

Each of the three groups involved in the All3Innovation Limited Partnership will own one third of the company.

With BNDDI and Superior Strategies 100% Indigenous-owned the new partnership will carry a majority Indigenous ownership stake.

Jason Thompson, a member of the Red Rock Indian Band in northern Ontario, is the owner of Superior Strategies. While speaking at the launch event, he spoke on the “synergy” between Saskatchewan and northern Ontario and how he feels ventures like this are reconciliation in action.

“There’s some meat to reconciliation now,” said Thompson. “Now I am not as pessimistic where opportunities are and I am excited for the next seven generations.”

Also at the launch event providing his perspective was Birch Narrows Dene Nation elder Jimmy Montgrand who spoke on how he feels better technology can help the lands of the borreal forest.

“This partnership is unique,” said Montgrand. “I am grateful for the integrity this partnership is showing for my Dene People… from this point on forward let’s walk together.”

Birch Narrows Dene Development was formed 12 years ago to bring more economic opportunities to the Dene Nation.

In September, the development firm became the majority owner of the Impact Energy Limited Partnership.

On Monday morning, leaders called All3Innovation an “excellent next step” while also saying this will not be the last venture the public here’s from BNDDI.

(PHOTO – Jason Thompson of Superior Strategies, Anthony Clark of BNDDI, and Mark Hinz of MMLK Group Inc, pose with a ceremonial contract at a launch event for the new All3Innovation Limited Partnership.)