The Northern Inter Tribal Health Authority (NITHA) is reporting 507 active cases of COVID-19.

The far northeast region has the highest number of cases with 238, followed by the far northwest which is reporting 111 active cases. The northeast region has 69 cases and the north central region is reporting 65.

According to NITHA there are currently seven people in hospital and 1,183 cases have recovered.

In the far north central part of Saskatchewan the Athabasca Health Authority said Wednesday there 33 active cases in the Athabasca basin.

Black Lake was reporting the highest number of cases with 19. Fond-du-Lac 10 active cases linked to the community, but two cases are currently outside the community. Meanwhile Stony Rapids is reporting four active cases. The local health authority said there was also one new recovery.

The Athabasca Health Authority has told MBC News the increase in cases they are seeing can be linked back to the holidays and people letting their guard down about the virus.