Christie Napope, Annie Napope, and Linda Napope. Photo by Chelsea Laskowski

The family of a Prince Albert man who was murdered in May of 2015 are feeling a mix of sadness and relief after charges were laid this weekend.

Troy Cecile Napope went missing more than nine months ago, and the car he was driving was torched after he went to a house party outside Prince Albert.

Napope was 23 at the time and had a baby boy. His family remembers him fondly.

“He was the best that anyone could have in their life,” said Troy’s teen sister Christie. “He was an amazing father to his son and he was really loving and caring.”

Since Troy disappeared, Christie has held out hope that she’d see her brother again.

But on the weekend the RCMP let Christie and her family know they’d be arresting 27-year-old Braidy Chase Vermette for first-degree murder in Troy’s death.

Braidy Chase Vermette.

“I felt really relieved but it broke my heart because I’m never going to see him again and none of us are,” Christie said.

Christie was in court with her aunt Linda and cousin Annie on Monday morning to see the man accused of taking Troy’s life.

“It was emotional and it was hard to see the person that’s charged with the murder of my brother but I’m glad there’s finally justice for my brother,” Christie said.

Christie, Linda and Annie are all familiar with Vermette. Christie said he used to visit Troy’s home regularly.

“After our mom passed away he came around more and… after that he just stopped coming around after everything happened,” she said.

Despite numerous RCMP searches, Troy’s remains have not yet been recovered.

His family is seeking that final piece of closure, and Annie says the RCMP has told them they expect to find Troy’s body in the next few weeks.

“We had a lot of sleepless nights and I slept good last night knowing, that we’re, I don’t know, going to get my cousin back,” Annie said.

“I can’t wait to get him out of there and to have a proper burial for him, lay him to rest by his mother,” Linda said. Annie added, “that’s what he deserves for all the stuff that he’s been through.”

Vermette is currently seeking legal representation and will be back in court in a few weeks. He is not seeking bail at this time.

Here’s a timeline of what the RCMP has told the public so far about their investigation in Napope’s case: