The Fond Du Lac Denesuline First Nation has a new Chief, Ronnie Augier. The newly elected Chief Ronnie Augier won with 120 votes.

The community also re-elected Councilor Andrew Isadore and he had 169 votes.

The newly elected Councilors are Dustin Augier Cook with 190 votes, Willy John Laurent with 162 votes, Tanya Mercredi-Pacquette with 147 votes, Diane McDonald with 119 votes, and Justin Yooya with 101 votes.

“I just want to thank the entire Fond Du Lac Band for coming out and casting their vote in this 2024 general election, it was a very successful event,” said Electoral Officer Alex P. Mercredi. “We had voting polls in Stoney Rapids, we want to thank everybody that came out to vote, and in Prince Albert alike, and the general here in Fond Du Lac for two occasions.”

The elected leadership have secured their 3-year term.

“I also want to congratulate the new incumbent and the new elected Chief Ronni Augier and the Councilors,” says Mercredi.

The community had a swearing-in ceremony for the leadership, which took place Thursday May 30, 2024, at the Fond Du Lac Band Hall.

After the swearing-in ceremony the community celebrated with a fish fry, bannock and tea.