The Lac La Ronge Food Bank is looking for some help.

The organization is hoping to attract some new volunteers to help them continue delivering food to those in need in the tri-communities. Cheryl Norgaard, board chair for the food bank said for many years they’ve had a solid group of volunteers who have helped keep things running.

“We need a succession plan, I guess is the word and in the last little while we’ve lost different people to moving away or for different reasons, they just need a break, some of our volunteers have been doing this for quite a few years,” she said.

Currently the food bank has one paid employee, that person being their volunteer coordinator, who is not a full time employee. Volunteers perform a number of different duties for the food bank ranging from preparing and delivering food hampers to making sure they have enough supplies to fill all of the requests for hampers.

“We try to do it as streamlined as we can with the amount of volunteers we have, but in saying that, it probably takes about 15 people 20 hours every week and everyone doing a different job,” said Norgaard.

Norgaard said the food bank generally prepares and hands out around 40 hampers every week. Lately Norgaard has noticed more phone calls coming in from people requesting food hampers. She added she is optimistic people will step forward and help them continue their work.

“People have been so supportive of the food bank over the years and helped out lots when they can and I feel maybe our biggest problem is just getting the message out that we need some help,” she said.

(Top Photo: Volunteers preparing food hampers. Photo courtesy of Lac La Ronge Food Bank Facebook.)