A group of individuals recently took part in a biking journey to help raise awareness for men’s mental health.

The journey had participants travelling from Dillon, Saskatchewan, to Lac Ste. Anne, Alberta, which covers a combined distance of up to 766 kilometres.

Julian Sylvestre, participant and organizer of the event, said the plan was initially to walk the entirety of the distance.

“I’ve been wanting to do this journey for a little bit now. I was going to initially walk first, but then a lot of things happened in May, like we had two evacuations and a lot of stuff going on, so that kind of went south, so then I just decided to bike,” he said. “I went to a men’s health conference last year in October, and I just wanted to do a little bit more for the men. There’s stuff that goes on, but I just want to try and raise more awareness for everybody else out there.”

The event featured nine participants, including seven bikers and two drivers.

“The support we received was phenomenal; everybody was just stopping and giving us water, and every donation was very appreciated,” said Sylvestre.

The event began on July 10, with participants finishing in Lac Ste. Anne on July 19.

(Photo courtesy of Julian Sylvestre’s Facebook page.)