A new northern Indigenous partnership has resulted in the creation of a gravel supply company that is expected to generate more than $36 million in its first three years of operations.

NexGen Energy Ltd., in partnership with the Clearwater River Dene Nation, created the new company, which is 100% Indigenous-owned and operated. As part of NexGen’s Impact Benefit Agreement with the CRDN that was signed in March 2022, the company purchased a $4.1 million gravel crusher to provide aggregate material for its Rook 1 Project and to supply northern communities with aggregate material for road infrastructure requirements.

The CRDN-owned company will lease the right to own and operate that gravel crusher. Teddy Clark, Chief of the CRDN, said that the new company will help stimulate the economy for communities in the local project area. “The establishment of the gravel supply company is a testament to NexGen’s commitment to creating sustainable economic opportunities for Indigenous communities in the local project area. This new business will give CRDN and Metis Local 39 members, as well as surrounding communities, meaningful employment, which will stimulate the economy for all the communities in the local project area,” said Clark.

The Chief Executive Officer of NexGen, Leigh Curyer, said that the new company will provide three key initiatives. “NexGen is proud to be expanding its support for our local community partners to maximize positive, sustainable growth. This business opportunity delivers three key initiatives: aggregate for roads and the foundations for Rook I permitted site works scheduled to commence in summer 2023; much-needed road aggregate repair for the communities in the wider local project area; and scalability and longevity to provide positive outcomes for many people, including training and employment. Further, it demonstrates NexGen’s industry-leading approach to community advancement and engagement with local community partners and confirms the company’s long-standing track record of maximizing opportunities for its stakeholders,” explained Curyer.

The new project is expected to create sixteen additional jobs for local community members immediately, as well as produce the aggregate needed for mining operations, Saskatchewan Highways, and construction operations across Northwest Saskatchewan.