A Coroner’s jury has returned recommendations at the inquest looking in to the death of Cain Wapass.

The recommendations are that more training be provided to paramedics and RCMP officers in regards to alcohol withdrawl and how to recognize the symptoms. The jury is also recommending more training to help police and paramedics recognize addictions issues.

Cain died in 2020 while in RCMP custody at Ahtahkakoop Cree Nation. Police took him into custody on the suspicion that he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs when in fact he was suffering the side effects of severe alcohol withdrawl which caused his death.

Speaking to media after the jury’s recommendations were read Cain’s aunt Jeannette Wapass, through tears said she hopes to see the jury’s recommendation for more training implemented, which would allow police to better understand what severe alcohol withdrawl looks like.

“The training that’s not there for them to recognize the difference between (detox issues) and somebody who’s having drug issues,” she said.

Jeannette said the inability to recognize that her nephew was going through serious alcohol withdrawl is where she and her family were failed by the system. She added the RCMP has not apologized to her or her family for Cain’s death.

“There was no apology, not that (an) apology would bring him back, but to recognize the wrongful doing, that my nephew was classified as a drunk and his needs weren’t met,” she said.

Jeannette went on to say her nephew was a father with a young daughter and explained he was trying to work through his issues with substance abuse.

“Knowing that my nephew did have an addiction and that he was working on himself, I was proud of him, I told him that, to keep it up,” she said.

When it came to remembering Cain as person Jeanette said her nephew would make time to call her to check in on her and ask her how other members of the family doing. She said he as well had a range of interests in life.

“He liked the outdoors, he was learning and doing mechanics, a little bit of hunting,” she said.