Young people from all across the north have been in Prince Albert this week for a gathering.

The Our Legacy Youth Gathering is a multi day event which includes a number of different activities. On Thursday at Plaza 88 attendees got the chance to hear from a range of different speakers as the conference part of the gathering was underway.

A number of speakers were on hand to speak to the conference including Prince Albert Grand Council (PAGC) Grand Chief Brian Hardlotte. Speaking to media before his remarks to attendees, Hardlotte said it is important for for people in leadership such as himself to show their support for young people.

“I think its absolutely crucial, very important to be here to support the youth, with their conference, because we always say as leaders, First Nations leaders that the youth are our future resource,” he said.

The PAGC grand chief said it is also important to bring young people together so they can learn more about themselves and where they come from.

“I think its very important to come together at times with the youth to talk about, for them to learn about the past of their culture, their heritage and their language,” he said.

(A number of people were in attendance at Plaza 88 Thursday. Photo by Michael Joel-Hansen.)

Shane Bird, the coordinator for Healing on the Land, an initiative run through the PAGC, was part of the committee that planned the gathering and conference. Bird said young people from a number of different communities have come to P.A. to attend.

“Right now we have 16 communities here from across the north and in and around the city of P.A.,” he said.

Bird explained 15 different groups came together to put on the gathering. The other groups included the Bernice Sayese Centre and the P.A Indian and Métis Friendship Centre to name a few. Bird said a range of issues are being talked about as part of the gathering including education, mental health and gang awareness. Along with the conference portion, the gathering as well includes a round dance, which is set to go Friday.

Organizers of the gathering are also hoping that hosting the event will allow all of them to make in roads with younger people who might be able to work with them in the future.

“We’re hoping to develop a youth working committee, within each organization, to have a youth representative to sit at our table, to continue the continuity from the conference,” he said.

When speaking with many of the kids who were in attendance at the gathering, Bird said he has been seeing a number of them enjoying themselves at the event. He added the ages of those in attendances ranged from 12 to 18.

“Their excited, their excited to be away from community, you know to have that opportunity, you know a lot smiling, a lot of laughing,” he said.

(Top Photo: Attendees listen while to a speaker at Plaza 88 Thursday morning. Photo by Michael Joel-Hansen.)