By Roman Hayter

First Nations University of Canada and the University of Regina have partnered with Regina Public Schools to provide high school students with additional options for university credit courses.

A memorandum of understanding was signed committing to expanding the university’s dual credit courses that are available to eligible high school students.

Through the U of R’s High School Accelerated Program, participating students who complete the course will receive a university credit and be eligible to apply to receive credit for the corresponding high school course.

Those same students will be given a tuition award that will cover the fees of the course. Students can receive one tuition award per semester and two awards in total.

“Not only are high school students able to take dual credit courses through the university, but they also have access to several other resources, such as the elders’ office, library, events, workshops, and other types of activities,” FNUniv Associate Dean Bettina Schneider said.

Along with providing these courses, the three organizations will also provide students with opportunities to participate in on-campus activities throughout the school year.

“This agreement enables future university students to explore their interests before picking a program, helping ease their transition to university while at the same time giving them a head start on their post-secondary studies,” said U of R President and Vice Chancellor Jeff Keshen.

The University of Regina will be extending the tuition-free dual credit course offering to all high schools in the province starting in the fall of 2023 as a pilot project.