UPDATE: On October 5 Saskatoon Police Service issued a media release saying Melissa Herman was found and was safe. Police thanked the public and media for their help.

The family of a woman reported missing to Saskatoon police in July continue to look for answers.

Melissa Herman was last seen in the city on July 7 in the 200 Block of Ave I North.

Police say since Herman was last seen they have received tips on Herman’s location, but have yet to locate her.

Melissa’s mother Doris Herman, who lives in Bear Creek in northwest Saskatchewan, has made numerous trips down to Saskatoon in the search.

“We’ve searched there, looked around, put up some posters and talked to people who haven’t seen her in quite a while,” she told MBC News. “We’ve been worrying so much about her.”

As the search continues, Herman says she just wants to know if Melissa is “okay.”

“I’m, just hoping for some good news,” she said. “I just hope to hear from her or someone out there who will tell me if she is okay.”

Police have previously said Melissa Herman may be in Saskatoon, Regina, or Chestermere, Alberta with an unknown man.

Herman is described as 5’3″ in height, with a slim build, long black hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.

(PHOTO: Melissa Herman. Photo provided by the Saskatoon Police Service.)