United States prosecutors are arguing that Dawn Walker should be kept behind bars until she goes to trial for charges against her from that Country.

Walker and her son disappeared for a two-week period before they were found and arrested in Oregon this past Friday.

On Monday, Saskatoon police outlined the charges Walker is currently facing including a charge of abduction and mischief from Canadian officials. In America, she is facing a felony charge of using false documents to enter the country.

In court documents filed by US prosecutors they allege Walker’s plan was “elaborate and well thought out.” They argue Walker would be at risk of not re-appearing and should be detained until her trial.

In their arguments, prosecutors say they found checklists from Dawn Walker on how to disappear and are concerned if released she will try to flee again.

Walker’s US public defendant argued these allegations are unproven and Walker is innocent until proven guilty.

As of Tuesday morning, a GoFundMe campaign for Dawn Walker’s legal fees is at over $16,000.