A mining exploration company has added new uranium exploration properties in the province’s far north adding to their already hefty portfolio in the region.

Vancouver-based Skyharbour Resources announced the acquisition of 6 new uranium properties in the Athabasca Basin region.

Skyharbour already had several operations in the region and this most recent acquisition brings the total properties under Skyharbour to over 950 thousand acres.

This gives the exploration company the largest project portfolio in the Athabasca Basin Region.

“We have been actively staking claims and adding to our dominant uranium project portfolio in the Athabasca Basin,” said Jordan Trimble, President and CEO of Skyharbour Resources, in a media release on the acquisition. “These newly acquired projects are strategically located and are geologically prospective with very little modern exploration having been carried out on them. They complement our more advanced-stage exploration assets including Moore Lake and South Falcon Point, and provide additional ground to option or joint-venture out to new partner companies as a part of our prospect generator business.”

The following are the regions acquired by Skyharbour Resources:

  • Riou River Project – 18,227 ha along the Riou River.

  • Pluto Bay Project – 28,840 ha northeast of Black Lake.

  • Wallee Project – 20,765 ha about 35 km northwest of Cameco’s Eagle Point Mine.

  • Usam Island Project – 42,186 ha approximately 21 km northeast of Cameco’s Eagle Point Mine.

  • Foster River Project – 37,529 ha southwest and adjoining Skyharbour’s South Falcon Point project.

  • South Dufferin Project – 922 ha along the trend of the Virgin River Shear.

According to the Fraser Institute, the Athabasca Basin region is consistently ranked one of Canada’s top mining jurisdictions with one of the highest-grade uranium deposits.

This most recent uranium property acquisition comes after fellow Vancouver-based company Pegasus Resources acquired four properties in the region in October.

(PHOTO: A layout of the acquired properties, courtesy of skyharbourltd.com)