Men of the North wrapped up its four-day family awareness support campaign in La Ronge Monday afternoon.

The campaign included a number of activities such as walks in honour of missing and murdered Indigenous girls, boys, women and men and residential school survivors.

Men of the North founder Christopher Merasty said smudging was also a key component of the events.

“The smudge walks cleanse the negativity within oneself as well as the downtown of La Ronge,” he said. “We have quite a bit of liquor establishments downtown and so we just want to showcase something a little bit more positive and lot more healthy.”

Merasty added the organization’s activities also try to promote a return to traditional lifestyles such as hunting, fishing and trapping.

“We need to start focusing more on our traditional ways and bringing those back to life again. Just being that they’re so dormant. They’ve been dormant for many, many years. So, we need to start bringing them back to life again.”