The search is underway for the La Ronge Ice Wolves next assistant coach and general manager.

Ice Wolves head coach Kevin Kaminiski said since the team posted the position last week he has been hearing from people who are interested. He added the people reaching out come from a range of backgrounds.

“Guys who have either been in the game before and may be looking for a new option and also guys who’ve just finished playing,” he said.

In terms of qualities for prospective candidates, Kaminiski explained there are a number that are important for him. He said he will also be thinking about the overall organization as well when making a decision.

“I am looking for a guy that is very loyal to myself and the organization, a guy that’s going to help teach and develop to make the players better,” he said.

Kaminiski said along with coaching duties the person who is brought in will also have to perform a number of other duties for the team. This includes sharpening skates and doing laundry along with working with players.

“We do everything,” said Kaminiski.

The team’s search for a new assistant coach and general manager kicked off when Gaelan Patterson left the team to take a new job on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Patterson had been with the Ice Wolves since 2018 and also was from La Ronge.

Kaminiski said Patterson did a good job in the position and said he was impressed by Patterson’s overall professionalism. He added the former assistant coach and general manager will be hard to replace given not just what he did for the team, but also for the larger community.

“He did a great job with the defensemen, he knew everybody there, he did a great job with the minor sports, he made my job a lot easier,” he said.

Kaminiski said the team is hoping to have the position filled by the summer.

(PHOTO: Kevin Kaminski. Photo courtesy of Kelly Kocur Jacobson.)