The Northern Inter Tribal Health Authority (NITHA) has been talking to communities about the importance of getting the flu shot this year.

NITHA’s Medical Health Officer Dr. Nnambdi Ndubuka said the health authority has been stressing the need to have the shot amid the current situation created by COVID-19.

“I think that message [has] resonated well with individuals,” he said.

As of Nov. 28 Ndubuka said 4,741 people have received their inoculations. This is slightly down from last year around the same time when 4,923 people got their shots. However, Ndubuka said they are still waiting on numbers from some communities.

“Overall, it has been okay,” he said.

Ndubuka explained some communities have been using mobile clinics to get the vaccine to older people and those with underlying medical conditions who are more vulnerable. He added some clinics have closed their doors to walk ins, which has limited a regular option for some people.

Some communities have as well been offering the seasonal flu shot alongside COVID-19 testing.

“This has been able to expand the opportunity for flu vaccine,” said Ndubuka.

Overall Ndubuka said they are encouraged with the number of people who have been getting their shots so far, but said they are always looking to encourage more people to get inoculated.

“This is when it is most needed, particularly while we’re struggling with the rising numbers of COVID-19 within the north,” he said.

(Photo: Saskatchewan Health Authority: Facebook)