A La Ronge woman says her 15-year-old son is lucky to be alive after he was thrown off his motorcycle after hitting a cable wire last week.

Tammy Quandt said her son Tyler was riding his dirt bike in the evening in a back alley in Air Ronge when he struck a wire that had been tied between a fence and tree.

The cable wrapped around his neck, snapped, threw him off the bike and he suffered a shattered kneecap as a result, she said.

“He hit the wire that was put across, between the gate and the tree, and it snapped,” she said. “And it shot back at him like a slingshot and wrapped around his neck.”

Quandt said had the wire not snapped, she is sure her son would have been killed.

She said amazingly after a few minutes Tyler was able to unwrap the cord from around his neck, get back on the dirt bike and ride to a friend’s house, likely still in shock.

An ambulance was then called and he was taken to hospital.

Quandt said the teen is now recovering at home with the aid of a knee brace.

Aside from a few abrasions, there was no serious damage to his neck, she said.

Quandt added there is no doubt in her mind whoever put wire there, did so with intent to seriously injure and she is warning other parents to take caution.

“I just want these kids to be careful and try to get home early because there’s people being pretty mean around this area and probably many others. With this experience of almost losing my son because somebody decided they were going to get even with who knows who but got the wrong person.”

She said she has reported the incident to the RCMP.

(PHOTOS: Top, Tammy Quandt, left, seen here with her 15-year-old son Tyler, right. Bottom, Tyler in hospital last week. Photos courtesy of Tammy Quandt.)