The Sask. government is seeking a court order to have the Justice for our Stolen Children Camp removed from Wascana Park.

Documents were filed Tuesday in Regina at the Court of Queen’s Bench, a day after the protesters say they are going to federal court challenging the constitutionality of the eviction of the camp including the removal of the teepee and sacred fire and the arrest of six protesters.

“It is important to stress that we are not asking the Court to stop the group from protesting. In a democracy people and groups have the right to protest and we respect this group’s right to protest. The Wascana Park bylaws prohibit unauthorized overnight camping, erecting and maintaining structures, and burning combustibles, and we are asking that these bylaws be enforced,” Central Services Minister Ken Cheveldayoff said in a statement. “The Regina Police Service are named as respondents to the legal action to aid in the enforcement of the Court Order. If the Court Order is granted, we would expect the Regina Police Service to assist in its enforcement.”

The camp which was erected approximately 142 days ago was established to protest the injustices to Indigenous children. Regina Police did evict the camp June 18, but it resurfaced days later.

On Monday camp lawyer Dan LeBlanc says it was those actions by police, which his clients feel was unconstitutional. “On June 18, members of the Regina Police Service entered camp. They dismantled it and arrested individuals on the charge of obstruction of justice. In our position that upsets these members Constitutional Rights. Today in court, we filed an application, challenging the constitutionality of those actions,” said LeBlanc.

The protesters court matter will be heard in Regina August 23, with Cheveldayoff expecting the government’s request to be heard at the same time.

(PHOTO: Justice for our Stolen Children camp at Wascana Park. By Dan Jones)