Friends and family gathered Tuesday morning on the Pasqua First Nation to celebrate the life of Lindsay Cyr.

The former Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations vice-chief and current Pasqua councillor passed away on Friday at the age of 65.

Former FSIN chief Lawrence Joseph began working alongside Cyr at the organization in the late 1990’s.

Joseph says Cyr will be remembered for his jovial character in spite of the seriousness he applied to his role as an elected official.

He says Cyr strove to set a high example of leadership in all aspects of elected politics.

“I think he was very much committed also, same as I was, to ensure anybody in public service should always be a leader in all aspects of the word,” he says. “Including setting an example for young people especially in trying to stay away from drugs and alcohol as much as possible.”

Joseph adds Cyr was also someone who did not shy away from the scrutiny that comes with elected office.

When allegations of drug and alcohol abuse arose against a number of candidates during one FSIN election race, he says Cyr went and got himself medically tested.

“And at his election speech, he held up a certificate saying that he was clean, and totally completely clean, from any drug use. I thought it was a classic move.”

A wake was also held for Cyr on Monday afternoon.

(PHOTO: FSIN logo. Photo courtesy of FSIN.)