The planning continues on a public art project sponsored by the La Ronge Arts Council and the Alex Robertson Public Library.

The intent is to paint a mural as a reconciliation project and encourage local people to get involved.

Miriam Korner, the artist-in-residence at the library, says the planning started several months ago.

“January or February this year, we had a series of art workshops we called Reconciliation Through Art and we invited local artists like Allen Morrow who was here and inspired by that we saw, started creating our own art work,” she said.

Korner says a meeting held Thursday evening was to get a preliminary sketch started for the mural and decide how the finished project may look.

They have a couple of locations in mind, but that has not been finalized at this point.

She adds once they are ready to start painting, the public is invited to take part.

“We are going to be ordering paint and stuff and when that is all ready, we are going to advertise it and anyone who wants can join us,” she said.

It is not known how many people will be needed for the project, but organizers hope it can be completed by Culture Days, which will be held in La Ronge in late September.

(PHOTO: Alex Robertson Public Library logo. Photo courtesy Facebook)