A rally being held in Regina tonight is marking one week since the end of Gerald Stanley’s trial.

It’s been seven days since Gerald Stanley was acquitted of charges related to the killing of Colten Boushie, and one group is marking the one-week anniversary of the verdict with a rally in Regina. Organized by Colonialism No More, the event will start at 6 pm on the Corner of Albert Street and Victoria Avenue.

Organizers with the event say it’s important to address a deeply flawed justice system and to continue to show support for troubled members of the community.

“There’s multiple cases in Regina where when Indigenous people died and it wasn’t taken seriously from the very beginning and the Indigenous people were seen as responsible for their own deaths, even if they were murdered,” says event organizer Robyn  Pitawanakwat. “We don’t want people to be alone through this, so come out and share in the way that you need to. We can build a better community if we’re doing it together.”

Pitawnakwat noted that the issues brought up in the wake of the trial have to be addressed by all members of the community.

“We need to come together to fix the problems we’re facing… We need to be willing to stand up and make sure that we don’t have such vulnerable people in our society,” remarked the organizer.

Following a rally outside, participants are encouraged to gather in the union hall for a moment of silence at 7:30 officially marking one week since the reading of Stanley’s verdict.

Rallies were held earlier this week in La Ronge and Prince Albert. A rally is scheduled in Pelican Narrows tomorrow afternoon.

(PHOTO: A rally held in Saskatoon a day after the controversial verdict.  Photo by Joel Willick)