For the second straight year, Marcel Marin of Yellowknife won the eight-dog portion of the Canadian Challenge when he came across the finish line first in La Ronge on Wednesday.

“I won it last year, and my leaders know where they’re going, so that helped out,” said Marin following the completion of the race.

For his efforts, Marin takes home $1,900. Marin says this year, the trail was good, but adds that the cold weather proved to be a challenge.

“I think that (the cold) ate everybody away, we didn’t really expect it,” said Marin. “The last few years have been pretty warm, but it got us this year. I think everybody was hurting there.”

The 12-dog race continues, it’s expected to conclude either Friday or Saturday.

If you want to track the results of the race, you can visit the event’s website.

(PHOTO: Marcel Marin crosses the finish line in La Ronge. Photo courtesy of Braden Malsbury.)