The First Nations Bank of Canada says a partnership with Affinity Credit Union will spread services to Indigenous people across the province.

Officials with the FNBC say the deal will make their institution more competitive.

“We do see this opportunity as another way for us to continue to serve our marketplace in a different way and add another tool to our toolbox,” said Kevin Michael, vice president of commercial banking. “Within this partnership, they see us having the expertise to help, from a commercial banking perspective, structure deals where they can participate.”

Bringing an Indigenous perspective to the table was also listed as one of the key benefits FNBC brings to the credit union. The two organizations are slated to begin working together immediately.

“The memorandum of understanding, between the financial institutions, has been signed by the CEO’s of both organizations,” said Michael. “If there is a way to find a fit to work together under that memorandum of understanding, that strategic initiative, then it will fit under that category.”

The FNBC is 80 per cent owned by Aboriginal people across the country.

(PHOTO: FNBC logo. Photo courtesy FNBC Facebook page.)