There has been a shake-up on the Cowessess First Nation.

Cadmus Delorme easily ousted Terrence Lavallee as chief in Wednesday’s band elections on the First Nation, which is about 165 kilometres east of Regina.

Five new band councilors were also elected, while two others were returned to office.

The 33-year-old Delorme was all smiles on Thursday as he held his first band meeting as Chief. He says these are exciting times to be a First Nations leader.

“It’s 2016,” he says. “There’s technology around today. There’s stakeholders willing to invest in First Nations. We have governments willing to participate more with First Nations. It’s just so many moving parts.”

Delorme is an award-winning golfer and was the student recruitment officer for the First Nations University of Canada.

He says he is giving up both careers and will focus all of his energy on being chief.

“I will put everything aside that I have done in the past and today, I am Cadmus, Chief of the Cowessess First Nation,’ Delorme said.

This was his first run at public office. He has been campaigning for the last several months, and during that run he was named one of CBC’s Future 40 winners.