Police are releasing the name of a man who was killed in Pelican Narrows on Feb. 12, and giving details on the man charged with murder in the case.

The victim has been identified as Cecil Dorion, 21. The RCMP has now arrested and charged Dale Morin, 22, with second-degree murder for Dorion’s death.

The RCMP declined to comment on whether Dorion and Morin knew each other.

RCMP officers found Dorion, fatally stabbed, in a Pelican Narrows home while responding to a call for emergency services.

Dorion was taken to the Health Centre in Pelican Narrows, where he was pronounced deceased.

An autopsy was performed on Dorion in Edmonton, on Feb. 15.

Morin appeared in court for the first time on Monday, in Prince Albert. His matters are set to be transferred to Pelican Narrows in mid-April.

This is not the only matter that’s brought Morin to court in recent times. He has previous charges to be dealt with as well.