For the first time in quite a while, the man who tried to murder Marlene Bird last summer was present in Prince Albert court.

Leslie Ivan Roderick Black was arrested last summer in relation to the brutal violence.

His attendance has been waived in Prince Albert for most of his court dates. As he’s entered guilty pleas and moved towards sentencing judges began saying they wanted him present for important steps.

However, this time Black was present because his legal aid representation, Adam Masiowski wanted to speak to him in person. In court, Masiowski withdrew as Black’s lawyer.

Earlier this year, Black entered a guilty plea to attempted murder.

His attack last summer near Prince Albert’s Margo Fournier Centre left Marlene Bird wheelchair-bound.

Her life-altering injuries were caused by burns and cuts. She had both legs amputated and received skin grafts as a result.

Black’s legal aid representation, Adam Masiowski says there’s been a bit of confusion with the Regina Correctional Centre where Black’s been staying.

Black was expected to be present for his last court date, but Masiowski said there was some miscommunication.

On Tuesday Black was in court, looking much different than he did last June. His dark, straight hair has grown long.

He didn’t wear glasses as he has in several past Facebook photos and stood mostly still in court.

There are hints that things were not going well with his counsel, based on Black taking issue with some of the case’s statements of fact.

Masiowski was sparing with details on why the relationship is being severed.

“There’s been a breakdown of our office and his relationship so he has several options of what to do going forward and so he needs legal advice about that. So that’s what we’re willing to provide at this point,” he said.

Masiowski explained there might be future help from legal aid’s office as a whole, but not from any of its lawyers. Black will need to seek a private lawyer.

“Legal aid may provide financial services beyond that. And that’s what needs to be determined between that lawyer and Mr. Black,” Masiowski said.

As for delays in sentencing, Masiowski emphasizes even though the word sentencing is put in the administrative agenda, a judge has never actually been on the cusp of handing down a sentence to Black.

For that, there will likely be a separate courtroom used, and a long time allotment for the sentencing hearing.

The sentencing will delve into a long psychiatric assessment that has already been prepared.

Additionally, the Crown prosecutor may seek a dangerous offender status for Black – and that would add another layer to Black’s court proceedings.

Black had previously been represented by legal aid’s Terra Lennox-Zepp, before his file was transferred to the appropriate area of legal aid.