The Saskatchewan Children’s Hospital had its groundbreaking ceremony Thursday morning.

Construction on the main building is set to begin in early 2015 with completion scheduled for 2017.

The 176-bed facility will be located next to Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.

Premier Brad Wall says the hospital is a major milestone for the province.

“The first dedicated pediatric surgical suite for our kids,” he says. That has been the vision all along by those who have shared it. That was the vision years ago, that is the vision today for a children’s hospital. The pre-work has been significant but it’s done. It’s time to build the children’s hospital.”

Saskatoon Regional Health Authority Chair Jim Rhode says the hospital is a community project from top to bottom.

“Thank you to our largest and most important group of experts the over 600 children and 1,000 family members from across Saskatchewan who participated in the design,” he says. “To our families here, thank you, your voice is truly reflected in this building and will soon come to life.”

Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan President Brynn Boback-Lane says the inspiration for the project has been the province’s families.

“This was inspired by our kids, by our families, by our moms.”

The government has invested $235.5 million in the facility.