About 100 protesters gathered across the street from the site of Stephen Harper’s announcement in Air Ronge today.

Many were carrying signs and wore T-shirts with anti-Harper slogans — while others were singing and beating drums.

Organizer Kirstin Scanson doesn’t expect to change Harper’s mind on Indigenous and environmental issues, but she’s hopeful today’s protest will get the public thinking about these concerns.

“What I would love to have happen from events like this is that we create a critical consciousness in the community and we start having critical dialogue.  I really don’t think that Harper is going to listen — if he wants to make a trip back here, he’ll make a trip back here.  But it’s important to just stand in our power, stand on our grounds, on our truths, on our home territory and say: ‘You’re not welcome here’.”

Several motorists honked their horns as they drove by today’s protest, entitled “Stephen Harper Is Not Welcome On Treaty 6 Territory”.