For the first time, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall and Federal NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair had a one on one meeting in Regina Monday to discuss a broad range of issues from pipelines to the senate.

The two leaders have often been at odds over issues but both described today’s meeting in Regina as friendly and productive.

“The open and friendly meeting with Premier Wall, I couldn’t be happier how the meeting’s gone,” Mulcair says.

“He’s applying to be the prime minister of Canada and I think building a relationship either with the leader of the opposition federally and someone who might be prime minister is important for Saskatchewan to do as well,” Wall adds.

Both leaders agree the Canadian Senate should be abolished but Wall and Mulcair are not on the same side when it comes to building the Keystone XL pipeline project which aims to transport Canadian oil to the United States.

The Premier of Saskatchewan is big supporter of the Keystone project while the Federal NDP Leader has voiced a number of concerns against it.