A ground breaking Indigenous art show opens its doors to the public in Regina on Friday.

The curator of the First Nations art display at the MacKenzie Art Gallery says it was a humbling experience to meet the artists and collect the pieces for the show.

The exhibit features the work of seven Aboriginal artists who broke new ground in the 1970’s.

Michelle Lavallee says some of the works have never been on public display before and were obtained from private owners.

She says the pieces deliver a powerful message from a group of oppressed artists.

“At that time these artists were really battling against racism and stereotypes and forced expectations from the mainstream, the government and other public institutions who had certain expectations for them,” she says.

Lavallee says the artists shattered these expectations and a new dynamic look at First Nations art emerged.

She hopes people have a similar experience to what she gained when they view the works.

“Well I am just really hoping that people are pleasantly surprised about the impact of these art works,” she says. “It is quite impressive what they did.”

It took a total of six years to put the show together.

It will be on display at the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina until Jan. 12 before going on a two-year national tour.