The provincial government took its child and family agenda to the province’s north to get feed-back from stakeholders in La Ronge and Pinehouse.

The committee is made up of seven government ministries including social services, health, justice, education and policing.

Its objective is to develop government programs and policies that meet the needs of children, youth and families all over Saskatchewan.

Social services minister June Draude is the committee chair.

She says it is important for the government to listen.

“For me and my colleagues it was important that the northern communities are well aware that are programs are  designed not just for the people in the
southern part of the province but for all of our children. “

This is the first time the committee has held meetings outside Regina.

Draude says it was a valuable experience and will help shape government policies dealing with the welfare, health, and safety of Saskatchewan families.

She says the various ministers are looking at ways to better work with partners in the community to address issues like education, mental health, addictions, and parenting.

The cabinet committee of children and youth was set up in 2010 as a result of a wide sweeping report that looked into the child welfare system in Saskatchewan.