The RCMP is joining forces with the Native Women’s Association to raise awareness over the dangers of hitchhiking.

Superintendent Tyler Bates says hitchhiking can be potentially dangerous, but there some safety precautions you can take.

Bates says carrying a cell-phone and sticking to well-travelled roadways are a few of the main things people can do before getting in someone’s car.

But he also advises people to tell others where they’re going before they leave:

“It’s important to let people know where you’re going and it’s important that when you arrive at your destination that you contact them as well and touch base with them when you do arrive.”

Michele Audette, the president of the Native Women’s Association, says she knows some women need to thumb rides in order to get around.

But she says they need to do it safely and that’s the reason behind the campaign.

Mounties say they hope it prevents any more cases of missing or murdered aboriginal women.