Hundreds of Aboriginal students from across the province took part in the University of Saskatchewan’s graduation powwow on Wednesday.

The full day event was filled with various activities including workshops, ceremonies honouring high school and university graduates and an adult competition in the evening.

Claude Friday of the Piapot First Nation says the event draws in both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities.

“I’ve seen a number of schools here, elementary schools and high schools, different students from various schools in Saskatoon,” he says. “I talked to a few of them and a lot of people that are here are from different countries wanting to understand the culture and the dances and the regalia and so forth.”

Colin Crookedneck of the Onion Lake Cree Nation says powwows like Wednesday’s are in honour of those less fortunate.

“Mostly, I think it’s about healing,” he says. “If someone was to be in a wheelchair, or in jail, you are dancing for them,” he says. “It’s about healing, that’s all it’s about.”

This is the 20th year the U of S has held its spring powwow.