A business leader with ties to several boards in northern Saskatchewan could be headed to jail for tax offenses.

Glen Strong and his company, Jagg Enterprises, were recently sentenced in provincial court for failing to comply with a court order requiring them to file personal, corporate and GST returns.

Strong is a board member of the Athabasca Basin Development Corporation, and its former chair.

His company provided road construction services and operated out of Stony Rapids before relocating to Prince Albert.

The case stems from an earlier charge in the summer of 2010, when Strong was ordered to hand over income tax returns from 2003 to 2007.

Debbie Johnson is a communications official with the Canada Revenue Agency.

She explains Strong was charged again after he failed to turn over the documents:

“Well, Mr. Strong and his company had been convicted of failure to file in August of 2010.  At that time, they were given a compliance order to file the missing returns.  Those were personal income tax returns, corporate income tax returns and GST returns.  When they didn’t comply with the court order, they were charged again and that’s what this conviction was for this week.”

Strong has been sentenced to 60 days in jail.

He and his company were also ordered to pay $37,500 in fines within six months’ time.