A new treatment centre has opened in Prince Albert.

The facility is located beside the Victoria Hospital, and designed to help mothers who are struggling with addictions but who don’t want to leave their children.

Dory Gaudet is a manager with the Prince Albert Parkland Health Authority.

She says the six-week program will give mothers the help they need while also offering a safe shelter for children up to the age of 12.

She says some cultural programming will also be made available:

“We do have staff from all different cultural backgrounds so that is a good advantage.  We also plan to do some cultural programming and have elders into our centre as well.”

The Family Treatment Centre allows for up to eight mothers to access services at one time.

Onsite school services will also be available.

Patients will then be given follow-up care in their home community.

The provincial government funded the $9.8 million project and will also fund the annual operating costs.

The first patient is scheduled to be accepted on Monday.