Police have identified human remains found on the Sakimay First Nation a year ago as those of an Aboriginal man originally from northern Ontario.

After a lengthy investigation, RCMP says the remains have been confirmed as those of Robin Cocks, originally from Dalles First Nation, near Kenora.

Corporal Rob King says the investigation eventually led officers to Vancouver and a woman who helped them confirm the identity of Cocks.

The woman told police she returned to the Sakimay First Nation about ten years ago with a man named Robin Cocks.

She told investigators both she and Cocks were involved in a high-risk lifestyle at the time which included illegal drug use.

The woman said while they were staying on-reserve, Cocks began acting strangely, climbed out of a basement window and disappeared into the autumn night wearing only jeans and a light shirt.

Police say Cocks had been deceased anywhere from five to 12 years when the remains were found and would have been anywhere from 18-25-years-old at the time of his death.

Cause of death has not been confirmed but foul play is not expected.

RCMP say they also do not believe Cocks was ever entered into a missing database anywhere in the country.

The human remains were originally found on Sakimay reserve in April 2012.