Missing Mushroom Picker Found Safe

Friday, August 12, 2011 at 14:51



A man who was reported missing in northern Saskatchewan earlier this week has been found after spending three nights lost in the woods.


Albert Custer was reported missing Tuesday night after he and his family were picking wild mushrooms near Deschambault Lake when a storm rolled in.


RCMP say Custer became disoriented in the woods and walked north toward Highway 106.


He was picked up by a traveller on that highway this morning and taken to a nearby lodge.


The commissioner of the Prince Albert Grand Council’s emergency services unit says Custer used some landmarks in the wilderness to find his way to a highway.


Kent says the PAGC wishes to thank everyone who helped out with the search.


He encourages other traditional mushroom and berry pickers to take an orange garbage bag with them when venturing out, and to let people know when they’ll be returning.