Tribal Police Force Close to Becoming a Reality

Wednesday, October 20, 2004 at 15:44



The Peter Ballantyne Cree Nation is moving forward with its plan to create a tribal police force.


During this week’s Prince Albert Grand Council annual assembly in Prince Albert, visiting chiefs were treated to a display of public marches and other drills.


Darrell Kingfisher is one of the officials looking after the new program.


He says there are currently 28 recruits training to be peace officers in the new force, and all will be given the chance to take the RCMP exam, as well.


Kingfisher says the aim of the program is to send successful graduates off to PBCN communities where they will act as a compliment to existing RCMP officers.


By the time next May rolls around, he hopes to see a management structure in place.


Kingfisher feels the recruits will have a lot to offer the various communities, as they are all familiar with what it’s like to live in the North.


He says domestic situations could be defused through the recruits, who are being trained in the use of alternative measures.


If that doesn’t work, Kingfisher says they can always summon the RCMP.