Trial Begins For Youth Accused Of Burning Woman

Tuesday, November 21, 2006 at 16:48



The aggravated assault trial for a 12 year old girl accused of setting a 26 year old woman on fire in La Ronge last summer began today.


Three RCMP constables testified this morning that at approximately 9 pm on April 24th, 2006, they were called to the scene, behind a local business located on La Ronge Ave, to find the victim, Tracy Bird, conscious, yet severly burned and in shock.


Mounties said Bird was taken to the hospital, where she informed them she was set on fire and attacked by 4 or 5 unknown males, telling them they had tried to rape her. A sexual assault kit was taken, but mounties said it was never sent away for analysis.


One officer testified that Bird has a mental capacity that is less than the average person. Officers confirmed Bird received third degree burns to 65 percent of her body.


Through the investigation and tips from the public, the 12 year old accused was later charged.


The first male youth witness testified today, saying he was with the accused and another boy when Bird, who the youth identified as “Crazy Tracy,” sustained her injuries. He pointed to the female accused as the person who set fire to the victim, who was passed out and drunk.


The male friend and drinking partner of the victim on the day in question took to the stand next. The defence and crown quickly identified that the testimony given today and the statement he gave to police after the incident were very different, including the fact that he identified the 3 youths as all female.


The second male youth who witnessed the incident told a slightly different variation of the events.


He said after the 3 youths met up with 3 others, they found Bird passed out and that’s when the accused lit Bird’s hair on fire but it went out. He said the accused did it again, and thats when they all ran off. A short time later, he said, they could hear Bird screaming for help, but none of the children went back to help her.


Testimony will continue tomorrow and that is when the victim is expected to take to the stand.