Transwest Air Offers Aid To Beleaguered Region

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 13:28



A northern airline company announced an aid package today for two communities cut off from the rest of the province due to poor ice conditions.


Officials with Transwest Air say they are well aware of the supply shortage in Wollaston Lake and Fond du Lac.


The two Athabasca communities are still waiting for ice to thicken up in their region so trucks can make the trip north with much-needed supplies.


For the past few weeks, the two bands have been forced to fly in shipments at extremely high costs.


According to published reports, a shipment of fuel can cost as much as $1,000 per flight.


Transwest Air spokesman Ken Landers says they have decided to give the two communities one free shipment of fuel and supplies.


He explains 8,000 litres of fuel will be given to each community, as well as other supplies they determine are a priority.


Landers says the company is doing this to both help local residents and to let them know they aren’t merely viewed as a source of profits for the company.


However, he’s not sure when the run will take place.


Talks are still ongoing with local leaders.