Tories Expand Aboriginal Policy

Wednesday, March 23, 2005 at 15:43



The Conservatives hope a better defined Aboriginal policy will appeal to Native Canadians.


The party fine-tuned its principles on Aboriginal issues at its policy convention over the weekend.


One of the policies calls for the Indian Act to be replaced by a legislative framework that transfers to First Nations people full legal and democratic responsibility for their own affairs.


The Conservatives also promise to develop into law the standards of service the government provides to Native Canadians.


Aboriginal Affairs Critic Jim Prentice says Native people deserve to know what the government specifically hopes to accomplish with funding for health, education, social welfare and infrastructure.


Prentice also says his party’s stated policy makes it clear the Conservatives support and recognize native self-government and the treaties.


The Conservatives’ policy also commits the party to the timely resolution of specific claims.