Substance Abuse Targetted In Black Lake Teen Drama

Thursday, April 28, 2005 at 13:27



A video production of a drama produced by teens in Black Lake will be making its debut this evening.


The play deals with the consequences faced by teenagers that engage in drug and alcohol abuse.


It was originally performed in Black Lake last November during National Addictions Awareness Week.


Local youth addictions worker Cheryl Sandypoint says the making of the drama was filmed by members of a group from the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina, who were in Black Lake at the time and were moved by the teen’s performance.


Sandypoint says, since that time, the play has been performed in Wollaston Lake and Fond du Lac to rave reviews.


Sandypoint says it’s also proving to be an effective educational tool about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, since most teens would rather watch a drama than sit through a talk.


Tonight’s showing of the video at Father Porte Memorial Dene School in Black Lake is open to the entire public.