Sturgeon Lake Chief And Council Under Fire

Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 14:56



Members of a tribunal on the Sturgeon Lake First Nation are talking about possibly removing their chief and council.


Spokesman AJ Felix says he’s been asked to chair a band membership assembly on the reserve this evening, where that issue will be brought up.


According to Felix, some band members –including the band’s chief electoral officer — aren’t happy with the level of financial disclosure they’re getting from band officials.


He says the band custom election code contains provisions for recalling band leaders if certain financial reporting conditions aren’t met.


Felix isn’t sure what the outcome will be — especially since the chief and council recently sent a notice stating that all public meetings on the reserve have to be sanctioned by the chief and council.


He’s been told the facility where they intend to hold tonight’s gathering will be locked — but Felix says that won’t stop the meeting from taking place.


Felix says he’s asked the RCMP to monitor the situation.


Chief Wesley Daniels has not made himself available for comment.