SIGA Casino Accused Of Race-Based Firings

Tuesday, January 31, 2006 at 15:39



A human rights tribunal is being held this week in Prince Albert for four former employees of the Northern Lights Casino.


The workers, who were all pit bosses, contend they were improperly dismissed from the establishment because they were not of First Nations ancestry.


One of the ex-workers, Esther Roode, told lawyers presiding over the tribunal that she was laid off at around the time a union was forming at the casino.


Roode, who was a recruiter for the Canadian Autoworkers Union, claims she never had a bad report on her record and did whatever the casino told her to.


A lawyer for the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority asked Roode if she had read a letter sent to her stating that 120 new slot machines were coming to the casino, and that’s why some jobs were being phased out.


Roode confirmed that she had read the letter.


More witnesses are expected to be called on Wednesday,


It’s believed the judge presiding over the hearing might take as much as three months to decide the case.