Sandy Bay Woman Continues To Live In Tent

Friday, July 29, 2005 at 15:00



A Sandy Bay resident says she is still no closer to finding a home in the community despite widespread lobbying efforts on her behalf.


Bernice Dussion says she has talked to officials with the Northeast Regional Housing Authority, but that hasn’t gone anywhere.


She had a home up until last year, when she left Sandy Bay to educate herself in nearby Creighton.


The housing authority took her house while she was gone and Dussion wants it back.


She has been living in a tent since returning to Sandy Bay last month.


She says others find themselves in the same boat as herself, and claims they will soon be pitching their own tents in a bid to call attention to their plight.


Dussion says she also believes some houses in Sandy Bay are currently empty, and wonders why she and others can’t simply move in.


She plans to continue lobbying the local band office for help, as well.