Sandy Bay Elder Decries Spanking Law

Monday, January 31, 2005 at 15:04



An elder in Sandy Bay says the Supreme Court’s ruling on the so-called spanking law a couple of years ago is creating a lot of problems in his community.


Norman Nataweyes says local children have become increasingly disrespectful to authority figures since the high court’s judgement.


Nataweyes says youngsters think they’re untouchable, and that attitute has landed many in hot water with the local RCMP.


Nataweyes also believes children are getting out of hand at schools and homes because teachers and parents are afraid to discipline the kids.


He feels parents and teachers should be given more leeway when trying to correct the behaviour of unruly youngsters.


Failing that, Nataweyes believes everyone could benefit from a clarification of what the spanking law actually allows.


Natawayes also says he knows Sandy Bay isn’t the only northern community that is experiencing this problem.